Retropalooza 2016

If you’re ever in the market for classic games, vintage toys or just a fun day, Retropalooza is the place for you.


The convention, which was held in Arlington,TX, is a fun experience for everyone, no matter how old you are. Older men may come across a toy they played with as a child or a child may come across technology that would make them clutch their iPhone in fear.

The lanes of the convention are full of colorful drawings, posters and banners. Everyone shares their passion for the art of gaming, comics and more. Bead art, portraits and buttons are a few pieces you can find and take home. Fan of Overwatch? You can find buttons with all your favorite characters or a giant bead art D.Va.

Creativity isn’t limited to drawings. A man by the name of Metroyd Myk was walking around the convention with his album, Heart of the Juggernaut, on hand. Metroyd Myk is a chip tune musician and said he creates his music on his red Gameboy Color. The songs, Heart of the Juggernaut and Dark Matter Black Magic, can be heard on the audio story and have a heavy retro style that is just a wave of nostalgia straight into the ears. If you were a fan of the Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World video game, you’ll love what Metroyd Myk has to offer.

You can see cosplayers of all ages shopping around. Little Mac, Megaman and Ryu and others attended this year. A family of Legend of Zelda fans also attended, with Princess Zelda taking a nap in her mothers arms.

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There was a Super Smash Bros. tournament that was split into an amateur and professional rank. Players can be seen focusing and concentrating during these fights, especially during more high-stake rounds.

Guest appearances were made Youtube gaming personalities that included Alli Flanagen,The Game Historian, OKChief420 and more. Most stuck around their table talking to fans and others brought their collection to sell. OKChief420 had his booth stocked with Spawn action figures, DC comics, Funko Pop! figures and much more.  Autographs and selfies was part of their time at Retropalooza, but most seemed to enjoy their time with their fans.

Loot, food and a fun community are all present at Retropalooza, what more could you ask for?

Are you planning to go to Retropalooza next year?


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