Across the Fictional Universe

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Passion is a fire that can’t be put out. Many have a passion for comics. Others have it for video, tabletop or card games. Many have them all, but the greatest thing about these hobbies is that they can become a lifestyle. And while celebrating Batman Day or at a UTA LAN party, you will most likely collide with someone who carries the same torch.

Seeing a husband and wife reading along side their child the latest stories of Batman can bring a warmness to anyone’s heart. I saw the little boy’s eyes light up as he watched the 1966 Batman movie and saw his dad right next to him with the same look. A man and his daughter came in soon after, both sporting a Batman apparel. The father was talking about how they both share the same love for Batman and Star Wars and how she was growing up to be just like her mom… a Sith Lord. But even if she pursued the dark side, her Jedi father just had to bring her to see what Batman Day was all about.

It just goes to show that no matter how old you are, Batman can never disappoint you. That is unless you were just woken up from your nap and were taken to a comic book store, Then, not even a great face painting will cheer you up.

A dedicated section for tabletop and card games was also present and having a good time. Walking around the store, you could overhear these great stories about looting and battling; laughing as the group recalls some of the funnier exchanges over the years. From an outsider’s perspective, you would think that they just play a game like any other. But when you hear them talk about how they met and all the enemies they faced together, you could tell it was more than just a game to them.DSC_0076.JPG

At the LAN party, the mood changes. While Batman day at the Comic book store was nice, quiet and family friendly, the competition turned this LAN into a lively and adrenaline fueled event. Some TVs had Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, others had Overwatch, but they all had players fighting for victory. Shouting out strategies, demanding help from their healers or just straight up s*** talking was what you heard. All in good spirits and all for the bragging rights, at least until the next match.DSC_0310.JPG



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